17 January 2017

Working as a London Escort

Working as a high class London escort is not exactly a typical 9-5 which means its not really something that we can go and put on are CV. If we could how ever there would be a few things that would probably give us the advantage over anyone else there. 

Enterprise. Starting to work as a high class London escort takes a certain amount of character and integrity especially if you are planning of working as an independent or running an agency. Working in the adult industry and running your own agency is still running your own company  so make sure you always remember this. 

Organization. Being a high class escort may not be as simple as many people think especially when you are trying to keep your job and personal life separate. Many  high class companions want to keep there two identities separate meaning they will usually have two or more phones on them at all times which can start to get difficult to explain when your in the office.

Creativity. If may not seem like it to you but being an escort is a rather creative field. Whether its thinking about what your going to do on your next photoshoot to stand out or finding a new way to surprise your client. London escorts have to spend a lot of the time thinking stuff up on the spot which is why some of  the best London escorts are some of the most creative. 

Flexibility.  When i say this i am talking about whole different type of flexibility. What i am talking about is being able to identify what your client wants and being able to deliver it. Most of the time most high class London escorts have to balance working as an escort with studying or a more normal 9-5 so they have to be someone who is able to adapt to this not just any one can do it.