04 November 2016

Why High Class?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is why should I choose I high class escort over a next door London girl? Or what’s the difference? Well this post is here to answer any and all types of questions on the subject and give definitive reasons why high class escorts are the best in the industry.

To start with, they all come from a well-educated background. The stigma behind paying for the service a companion provides suggest it’s for those who have no education or the ability to get a ‘normal’ job. This is flat out wrong. Here at London Seduction we only take on ladies of a more educated background, who despite having the ability to go into whatever professional they choose have decided to dedicate their life to helping each and every one of you indulge in your deepest desires for the sensual experience of a lifetime. There are many escort agencies out there that offer a range of escorts many of which are indeed beautiful; but, with there being so many stunning ladies on offer in the industry there are many that want a companion and overall service which can be viewed as being above the rest. This is where our high class ladies comes in.

In addition to this is the company you receive. It’s all well and good being in the company of an escort which you solely view as an object of satisfaction, but by having a companion with the ability to converse with you an atmosphere of romance can be built up. In enhancing the intimacy of the experience when it does come to the moment of pure pleasure it will be that much more memorable.

Of course finally there are those that simply prefer to have their experience with someone of a high class. People who hire companions come from all areas of society, and while like previously stated some are only looking for the erotic ending, others are in fact looking for the sole company of a beautiful women. Our high class girls are here to make you feel comfortable and above all special. So if you're looking for an experience of sensual satisfaction as a part of a service you will never forget, that will be guaranteed to leave you desperate for more, don’t hesitate to CALL NOW!