12 October 2015

Could You Work With Us?

Here at London Seduction Girls we are always looking to add new people to our staff. The thing is we have certain requirements to ensure that we can keep our impeccable standards across all of our girls. If you think you have what it takes to work for us then keep reading if you do not then we hope you can in the future. Before we start a few things I have to state, we are a high class London escort agency and only take on girls who are going to be able to keep our standards up across all of their bookings.

First thing we look for when picking a new girl is experience. We prefer to have girls on our staff who have been working as an escort for some time now as they know what they have to do when it comes to a booking and don’t mess about and cause us to lose a client. Our number one priority is the client’s happiness so if you go into the booking messing about and only spend 10 minutes with the client out of a 2 hour booking then he is gone which is not good.

Decent photos. These are a must we highly recommend that you get some professionally taken photos. These will really help even if you don’t end up working with us as they are going to draw you in more clients over all. The more clients you pull in the more you earn. I would suggest spending about £500 on these photos and go to a professional so make sure they have a studio.

Lastly you are going to need some where you can take back your incall bookings. This can be at your place or at a separate residence this doesn’t really matter as long as you keep it clean and accessible.