07 March 2017

Best Restaurants to Enjoy with One of Our London Escorts

Every now and then we get a request from a client regarding best restaurant to take one of our companions to. Dinner Date encounters are a popular request at the London Seduction Girls, because our ladies are such phenomenal company. So today what I wanted to do is put together a list of some of the best restaurants within specific areas in London. This makes it easier for all our lovely clients (that means you!) to find a local restaurant to compliment your adult bookings in the city. We hope you find this useful when planning your next evening excursion!

The areas that I am going to be covering today are Bayswater, Mayfair, Kensington, and Paddington. 


This gallery depicts a few of our top escorts representing us in Bayswater, ladies we think are more than adequate for a dinner date at the Bayswater restaurants listed below.

Find more Bayswater Escorts here: https://www.londonseductiongirls.co.uk/locations/bayswater-escorts

Bayswater has a number of amazing restaurants based here, the problem is though that not all of them are perfect for you escort booking. If you are anything like us here at London Seduction Girls then you will seek perfection which is exactly what we want to help you achieve with these recommended restaurants.

Four Seasons (Bayswater)

Photo of one of the appetizing dishes at the Four Seasons in Bayswater

The Four Seasons (Bayswater) is a traditional Cantonese restaurant known for providings some of the best traditional Cantonese meals in the heart of London. Using fresh ingredients Four Seasons is able to provide a perfect meal in the perfect setting. Know for being a hot spot for couples Four Seasons offers a dining experience you will not get anywhere else.  

Gold Mine 

Photo of food from the Gold Mine menu in Bayswater

Gold Mine is another Chinese restaurant based in Bayswater the only difference with this restaurant is it provides a different dining style than you're suited to. Gold Mine creates stunning food perfect for people who enjoy dining with some creativity.


This gallery depicts a few of our top escorts representing us in Mayfair, ladies we think are more than adequate for a dinner date at the Mayfair restaurants listed below.

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Mayfair is known for being an affluent area filled with a number of upper-class bars, restaurants, and hotels. Many of these are perfect for couples looking to enjoy a romantic meal for two the only problem is not all of them are perfect for escorts. 
With many of these being rather upper-class they tend to not be too pleased when they find out you have taken a high-class London escort to their establishment. Below are a selection of some restaurants that we know are escort friendly. 

The Greenhouse

Green House restaurant interior

  • Rating on Google: 4.5/5
  • Website: http://www.greenhouserestaurant.co.uk/

Upperclass Michelin starred restaurant The Greenhouse is perfect for couples looking to try some of the best French cuisine available outside of France. Offering a romantic and discreet dining option The Greenhouse is perfect for anyone looking for an escort with there Mayfair escort. 

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

Alain Ducasse promotional image

Are you looking for somewhere which takes everyday French cuisine and gives it a twist? Well, then Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is perfect for this. Alain Ducasse is borough to us by the incredible 3-Michelin Star Chef Jocelyn Herland who is known for producing some of the best modern dishes available.

With the restaurant being part of the Dorchester it is perfect for people looking to book a dinner date while they are staying within the area. If you are one of these then fear not as many of our girls also provide an outcall service which is perfect for you.


This gallery depicts a few of our top escorts representing us in Kensington, ladies we think are more than adequate for a dinner date at the Kensington restaurants listed below.

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Within Central London is the affluent borough of Kensington which is home to a selection of some of the best companions London has to offer. One of the services that companions within this area offer is a sensational dinner date booking. 
To help ensure that you have the booking you have always desired below we have listed some of our personal favorite Kensington restaurants. Many on this list have been recommended by our companions themselves so these will be perfect if you are planning on taking one of our Kensington escorts to them.

Kitchen W8

Photo of Kitchen W8 restaurant exterior

Kitchen W8 has received a number of awards around the world for being one of the best dining spots for anyone to enjoy a meal in Kensington. Featuring an incredible menu and incomparable selection of wines Kitchen W8 is perfect for anyone looking to show their Kensington escort a spectacular time. 
If you are feeling a little adventurous then Kitchen W8 tasting menu's are perfect for you. Enjoy a six course meal all perfectly prepared with fresh ingredients.

Maggie Jones's 

Inside the Maggie Jones restaurant

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at Maggie Jones is that it's the perfect example of hipster dining. Maggie Jones is perfect for anyone looking to take their Kensington escort for dinner. It's cosy, rustic, and informal setting  make it an incredibly romantic setting perfect for your Kensington escorts booking. 


This gallery depicts a few of our top escorts representing us in Paddington, ladies we think are more than adequate for a dinner date at the Paddington restaurants listed below.


Find more Paddington Escorts here: https://www.londonseductiongirls.co.uk/locations/paddington-escorts

Now when we talk about Paddington we are not talking about the adorable little bear that originated from the area. No, this time we are talking about the London borough of Paddington home to our amazing Paddington escorts. 

Below you can find a list of some of the best restaurants that we have been recommended by our London escorts.


Photo of the tables inside Bizzarro

Bizzarro takes what you believe to be "traditional" Italian cuisine and throws it away to bring you some of the best Italian cuisine London has to offer. Bizzarro provides a high standard of dinning at an affordable price so anyone can enjoy the restaurants exquisit cuisine. 

One thing that sets Bizzarro apart from many of the restaurants on this list is the ability to book either part or all of the restaurant out. So if any of you are interested in spending some private time with your Paddington escort then this perfect for you.

Angelus Restaurant

Exterior photograph of Angelus

Hidden away in the corner of Central London is Art-Nouveau style restaurant Angelus. Angelus prides it's self on being an escape from the everyday life that is living in London offering a number of dining options including gourmet breakfasts, mid-morning snacks and canapes through lunch and dinner.

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