02 February 2017

An Introduction to Basic Escort Etiquette

Your time with the companion of your choice should be an enjoyable and sexually charged experience. However, this can only be achieved if both you and your desired companion feel comfortable, relaxed, and generally in a positive state of mind.

Here at London Seduction Girls, we take care to ensure all of our girls meet a specific set of standards to allow bookings to go off smoothly without any problems. But what can you personally, as a client do to hold up your end of the deal? In this post what we are going to talk about is the basic etiquette that we  expect from you when you are booking one of our London escorts.


Why should you care about escorting etiquette?

Being a hospitable customer has its benefits. Aside from it being generally good practice and form to show good manners, there are several advantages to conducting yourself accordingly during an appointment with one of our high class females. To name a few:

  • If you like to see escorts more than once, being a fantastic gentleman will put you in her good books (and ours!) for future encounters.
  • Treating an escort like the true lady she is can result in a better general atmosphere for the whole experience.
  • Poor conduct or behaviour may get you blacklisted from our service (we take the safety of our escorts seriously).

Ultimately it's about being sensible, respectful, and most of all, encouraging you and your companion both have the most fun you possibly can during your time together. Now that you have a fair understanding of why escort etiquette is important and appropriate when booking from the London Seduction Girls, let's cover some of the ways you can be an impeccable & lovable gentleman when meeting one of our escorts for a date.


Escort Etiquette 101 with the London Seduction Girls

Hygiene and Cleanliness.

photograph of an escort in the shower

Escorts always know what a client what's and when they show up to a booking they make sure that every part of them is perfect. The reason they do this is because they want you to become a long-term client someone who is going to be coming back to them again and again. 

However, to help your companion provide you with the service you desire you must first look at yourself and make sure that you are maintaining your own hygiene and cleanliness. This does not just apply to escorts but with anyone you planning to become intimate with. If you show up to your booking covered in mood and smelling of body odour then your companion its most likely not going to be to impressed and has full right to turn you away on the spot. 

Before heading to your booking ensure that you are clean shaven having had a shower recently and wearing clean clothes. The smell of your breath also plays a vital role in the experience so make sure that not only have you brushed your teeth but think about chewing some gum so any smells and tastes from the food you have been eating is removed. 

If you are booking an escort for the first time then make sure you keep all of these things in mind otherwise, your booking may not end up like you had planned it to be.


Health and Safety

Escort Health & Safety

The escort industry is one of the fastest growing communities in the UK, offering you a chance to book an evening with some of the sexiest women in London. Health and safety is one the biggest things you are going to have to deal with when booking a London escorts. Not only are these girls meeting a number of people every week but this is also their job. Whether you have booked an escort before or you are booking for the first time there is a number of things you have to keep in mind to keep health and safety a key priority. 

First off if you are going to be doing anything with your London escort then make sure that you use protection. When arriving at your booking your companion will have some on her so you don't have to worry about it too much. Make sure however if you feel any discomfort or if you feel like the condom is coming off then ensure you put on a fresh one. 

Something else you have to bare in mind is if you are ill you should not be going to visit an escort. There is no leeway with this even if you think it is just a cold you should cancel and reschedule for when you feel better. 

If you have any health issues or are disabled in any way make sure you tell your companion so she can make the necessary changes so your booking goes off without any problems.


Incall and Outcalls

Hotel outcall image

If you are planning on booking an outcall then you have to take a few things into consideration. The first being does she offer an outcall service to this area if you desired companion does not then speak to us and we will try and sort something out. Next escorts don't want to show up to a booking at the end of some dark and dingy alley only have to walk up two flights of stairs to enter a dark room. Make sure that your companion can get to you quickly and easily and doesn't have to go anywhere that they are going to feel unsafe.

If you are planning on an outcall also ensure that you are the only one in the apartment or home as escorts don't want to go anywhere where there is going to be a substantial amount of people. If you are going to be offering you London escort a drink then make sure it is not from an already open bottle and pour the drink in front of them so they know nothing sketchy has happened to the drink. 
If you are planning on going for an incall booking then the one main thing you need to keep in mind is the escorts privacy. Most of the time but not necessarily every time the booking will take place in companions home so don't go around snooping or going where you should be. Also, make sure you ask permission before you do anything out of courtesy you have been invited into their home after all. 


Feedback and Review 

Discussion & Feedback picture

Like every industry out there the escorting one thrives on the reviews previous clients have given. One of the main reason you may book an escort is because you have seen a number of stellar reviews about her. If you are thrilled with your booking then make sure you post a review on it so others know that the companion you book is really worth booking. 
So, if you are new to escorting or you are season veteran all we ask is you stick to these basic escorting etiquette tricks. It will not only make your experience more enjoyable but it will also allow your desired companion to give you the booking you have always dreamed about.