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Welcome to London Seduction Girls mature London escorts page. Here at London Seduction Girls we are always looking to bring you the best escorts no matter what you preference for women is. This is why we are proud to bring you this page, each of the girls on here fall under the category of Mature or Milf and what could be better than spending your evening with an experienced companion who knows exactly what she is doing.

Who classifies as a Mature or Milf London Escort

The term 'milf' came into popular usage in Britain back in 1999 thanks to the smash hit film American Pie. The phrase breaks down to mean 'Mum i'd like to f***' and is usually used when referencing a particularly attractive women over the age of 28.

The term 'milf' is slightly different to 'cougar' whereas 'cougar' refers to an attractive mature women who is out on the prowl whereas 'milf' refers to someone who is not necessarily going out of there way to find a partner. If you are interested in booking an evening with an attractive older women then our Mature and Milf London escorts are perfect for you.

Mature & Milf London Escorts

Many young men have had the fantasy of getting with a woman who is older than them, many speculate that this comes from things such as fantasizing about being dominated at school by female teachers or older students. For many though this is not the case and the appeal of a mature London escort is the experience and knowledge that they offer both in and out of the bedroom...

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