Going out for a date with a stunning woman is an experience which many of us don't often get to enjoy and sometimes that is all we really want. Sitting across from a woman, enjoying eachother’s company and getting to know one other is always amazing. The thing is you don’t always have the chance to do this down to your extremely busy life styles and can’t go out and find that one women.  This is when we come in. We offer a completely authentic girlfriend experience which can provide you with everything you want no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

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If you do not know what to do when you are on your date then we would suggest making a big expression to make sure that the girls is not only impressed but is glad she went out with you for the evening.

An example of the evening could be meeting our girl at any of London’s countless restaurants. We would recommend Le Gavroche which is a high class French restaurant in London, this would be the perfect setting to start off your date as it has a very romantic atmosphere as well as a selection of amazing food all waiting for you. After enjoying a meal at Le Gavroche you could go for a romantic stroll around London before finishing off your date of back at your hotel room.

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